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ANNUAL REPORT2014 2014 - A Year of Discovery and Accomplishments Conservation efforts have continued to be successful throughout the Island. In July wildlife biologists spotted a small colony of storm petrels on Ship Rock a significant find as storm petrels are not known to nest on or near Catalina Island. Also in 2014 new populations of the endangered Santa Cruz Island rock cress and Lyons pygmy daisy were discovered. The April breeding season survey for Scrippss murrelets reported 119 of the rare seabirds on Catalina. A survey of the Islands bat population indicated the presence of eight distinct species including Townsends big-eared bat listed as a California Species of Special Concern. All underscore the importance of the Conservancys mission to protect and maintain the Islands habitat and biological diversity. 2014 also marked the launch of the Conservancys new NatureWorks program a partnership with Avalon School that provides field experience to students and focuses on Island issues like drought and water conservation. Future plans for NatureWorks include building a model for collaboration with school systems and conservation organizations with a particular focus on underserved youth. In November the Conservancy began clearing the site of the future Trailhead Visitor Center. The Trailhead located on Avalons busy Crescent Avenue will be the launching point for trips to Catalinas wild side through hiking camping and Jeep EcoTours. Visitors and residents alike will be able to learn about Catalinas ecology and natural history before setting out to discover all the beauty and enchantment that is Catalina Island. Thanks to the support of members donors staff and volunteers Catalina remains an extraordinary place and at years end the future of the Island and its natural resources looks brighter than ever. Ann M. Muscat Ph.D. President and CEO John Cotton Chair Board of Directors 2 FINANCIALS Contributions Cash and goods donated to the Conservancy during the year from a broad spectrum of supporters including individuals foundations governmental agencies businesses annual memberships and events such as the net proceeds from the annual Conservancy Ball. Earned Income Revenue generated via the operation of mission-driven activities managed by the Conservancy including admissions to the Wrigley Memorial Botanic Garden educational tours access to the Islands interior via roads and trails campgrounds the Airport in the Sky various land mooring and communications leases etc. Includes use of reserves resulting from earned income activities in prior years. Endowment Distribution Funds distributed from the Conservancys endowment as approved by the Members and Board of Directors each year. Total Sources Excludes net Investment income. 100 of charitable contributions to the Conservancy goes to programmatic uses. Programmatic Spending that directly supports the Conservancys mission activities of conservation education and recreation. Includes the costs to manage the Islands ecological health through wildlife management and native and invasive plant programs ecological literacy via school-based and educational outreach programs and experiences with the wild via guest services such as Jeep Eco Tours Botanic Garden Nature Centers hiking camping and management of the Conservancys volunteer program. Supporting Infrastructure Incurred to support mission activities and maintain Conservancy assets including those which provide access to the approximately 42000 acres managed by the Conservancy roads trails airport rangers buildings facilities equipment and vehicle fleet. Administrative Incurred to manage Conservancy operations. Development Supports fundraising activities including the Conservancys membership program events grant writing and individual giving. 2014 spending was augmented by restricted-use multi-year donations and grants received in prior years but not reflected in current year funding sources. Sources of Funding 10.9 million Areas of Spending 11.4 million 28 13 59 9 50 32 9 Development Administration Infrastructure Programs Endowment Distribution Contributions Earned Income 3 Catalina Island is home to over 66 endemic plant and animal species that are found nowhere else on Earth. As the principal land steward for the Island the Catalina Island Conservancy works to protect the biological diversity and environmental integrity of Catalina Island. The Catalina Island Conservancy actively manages and monitors the health and welfare of several species on the Island. Catalinas endemic island fox population continues to recover from the devastating outbreak of canine distemper in 1999. Also thanks to our ongoing use of the contraceptive PZP we are able to maintain our bison heard at no more than 150 insuring the good health of the herd as well as the Island. The Catalina Island Conservancy is also continuing to find success with our Catalina Habitat Improvement and Restoration Program CHIRP. There are now 76 invasive plant species on the Island that are identified as potential weeds in need of control andor eradication. The Conservancy spent nearly 4000 hours working to remove the invasive plants such as Genista fennel and pampas grass from the Island. The Conservancys native plant restoration efforts were equally as impactful undertaking largerestorationeffortsinboththeCapeCanyonandElRanchoEscondido areas of the Island - the later capitalizing on a seeding trial project. These efforts were complimented by the discovery of new populations of the endangered Santa Cruz Island rock cress and Lyons pygmy daisy. Like other parts of California Catalina Island was adversely impacted by the ongoing drought in 2014. The Ackerman Native Plant Nursery in particular was forced to reduce its inventory of 20000 plants by half. Catalinas resident bison herd was also affected resulting in the Conservancy having to place food and water for the animals. CONSERVATION 2541 Estimated Deer Population 10362 Plants at the Ackerman Nursery 10453 Local Independent Volunteer Hours 1717 Estimated Island Fox Population 1361 Acres Treated Under CHIRP 12130 Group Volunteer Hours 135 Estimated Bison Population 0 Number of Bison Calves Born 881 Hosted Research Days Photo Glen Tepke EDUCATION The Catalina Island Conservancy has a 30-year history of providing educationalprogramsforCatalinasvisitorsfamiliesstudentsbusinesses and the community at large. Our educational programs tell the story of the Islands biodiversity from foxes to rare seabirds to native grasses to the Islands geology. Our classrooms might be in our interpretive Nature Center or on a remote sandy beach. In 2014 the Conservancy formally rolled out its NatureWorks program. Developed in partnership with Long Beach Unified School Districts Avalon School NatureWorks provides nature-based Science Technology Engineering Mathematics STEM education through which students develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural and cultural resources on the Island. Of the K-12 students who participated in 2014 69 were considered socio-economically disadvantaged. Through the Conservancys programs these students have a unique opportunity to consider becoming future stewards for not only the Island but for the whole of our natural world. Programs within NatureWorks include the Rose Ellen Gardner Internship REGI Summer Naturalists Island Scholars and our community family programs Families in Nature Kids in Nature and the Naturalist Training Program. NatureWorks is evolving to be a life-long learning experience serving as a model for other school districts and conservation organizations. Additional outreach continued at the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden WMBG and the Avalon and Airport in the Sky Nature Centers. Visitation to all three facilities increased in 2014 allowing both residents and guests to experience and more deeply understand the myriad of geological biological and environmental facets of Catalina Island. 11372 Instruction Hours Provided 46991 WMBG Visits 2297 Mobile Nature Station Visits 3857 Student Interactions 30912 Nature Center Visits Avalon 325207 Social Media Reach Facebook 203 Families In Nature Participants 45371 Nature Center Visits Airport 454 Island Naturalist Participants 5 One of the primary goals of the Catalina Island Conservancy is to connect people to the land and sea through nature-based recreational opportunities. In 2014 the Conservancy engaged with more people than ever. For hikers few areas in Southern California feature the diversity that Catalina has to offer. The Island offers more than 200 miles of trails which draw everyone from the casual day hiker to experienced trekkers looking to tackle the Trans-Catalina Trail. Camping continues to be a popular pastime on Catalina as well with numerous camping opportunities available on Conservancy land. The Conservancy also partners with several youth camps which are often the first opportunity that young people have to see and experience the unique beauty of Catalina Island. Our Jeep Eco Tours continue to be one of the most popular activities on the Island. In 2014 ridership increased by 20 over 2013. InNovember2014demolitionbeganonAvalonsCatherineHotelopening up what will eventually become the future home for the Catalina Island Conservancys Trailhead Visitor Center. This multi-level multi-purpose facility will serve as the jumping off point for everything from Jeep Eco Tours to mountain bike rides thru-hikes and other Island adventures. 15591 Estimated Hikers on Trails 4577 Jeep Eco Tours Passengers 215369 Youth Camp Nights 730 Bike Passes Issued 2118 Distance Racing Participants 52095 Camping Nights 3922 Non-Commercial Landings 13359 Wildland Express Passengers 405 Ranger Assists RECREATION Photo Matt McClain 6 Photo Matt McClain 7 DONORS The Catalina Island Conservancy would like to thank the following donors for their generous support in 2014 250000 and Above The Estate of Carrol Grace Steve and Pat Chazen 100000 - 249999 Blanny Avalon Hagenah W.M. Keck Foundation Offield Family Foundation 50000 - 99999 Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Victoria and Dorn Dean James H. Ackerman Family and the Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation Debi and Norris Bishton Gary and Kellie Johnson Maria Pellegrini 25000 - 49999 California Department of Fish and Wildlife Geoffrey Claflin and Alison Wrigley Rusack John and Cindy Cotton Helen Rich Donald Slavik Family Foundation Anonymous Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation 10000 - 24999 The Boone Foundation Edison International Bob and Mai Breech Phil and Susan Hagenah Jim and Vicki Warmington C.M. and Edna Peyton Cotton Foundation John Hagenah Family Fund Cordoba Corporation Earl B. Gilmore Foundation Misdee Wrigley and James M. Miller Charitable Foundation G.T. and Shannon Frost Richard and Marie Knowles City National Bank Gardner Grout Foundation Erickson Family Charitable Foundation 5000 - 9999 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Mike and Gloria Sullivan Patrick and Mari McAlister US Bank Ryan Family Charitable Foundation Bonnell Cove Foundation Hexberg Family Foundation The Elliott Family Foundation Fund Jim and Sally McClure Andy and Gaye Saxon Jiji Foundation Glenn Highland Avalon Environmental Services Las Caballeras Jim and Anne Johnson Nelson and Mimi Jones William and Kathleen Mudd Connolly-Pacific Co. Shaun and Katy Tucker Bob Reid Frank and Joann Randall The Capital Group Companies Mitchell Silberberg Knupp LLP John W. Carson Foundation Todd and Tatiana James 2500 - 4999 Catalina Island Yacht Club Foundation Diane Wilkinson Tom and Gerda Sparks Tim and Sheila Collins Douglas West and Irene Ziebarth Steve and Stephanie Hathaway Santa Catalina Island Company Bruce and Lisa Gelker Ann Muscat and Jack Baldelli Board of Supervisors - County of Los Angeles Tricia and Will Hagenah Bob and Mary Longpre Alex and Janet Boggs Basil and Judith Witt Terry and Paulette Chapman Trent and Linda Anderson Wil Von Der Ahe Doug and Audrey Bombard David and Mary Jean Harper Julia Banning Janice Rutherford Hinds David and Pat Lamb Jack and Shirley Herron Anonymous Scott and Tammie Stuart James and Diane Connelly Tod and Linda White Bob Voit Howard Higholt Jessica Hibbs Lynne Brickner and Jerry Gallard Paulie Jenkins and Ted Carlsson John and Barbara Anglin MVE Partners Inc. Olin and Ann Barrett Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund Tourism Cares Inc. Terry Causey Philip and Maureen Ramer Catalina Island Yacht Club Richard Woodward Donald Schoellerman Richard Sahroian Jeanne Frost Mrs. Dan Stuart Gary Gray Pamela Turbeville 1000 - 2499 Todd and Kathy Hallenbeck Brian and Suzi Burke Guided Discoveries Bob and Beth Huston Steve and Amanda Calhoun Corix Utilities Geri and Richard Peckham Kleiner Cohen Foundation Andrew and Corinne Dossett Little Garden Club of Newport Beach Thornton S. Glide Jr. and Katrina D. Glide Foundation Julie and Robert Woolley Los Caballeros Martin and Bernardine Curtin Drew and Jane Lanza Phillip and Daisy Hartz Paul Blank David and Kathleen Renton Henkels McCoy Brad Avery Kim Megonigal Fred and Valerie Redman The Lighter Side J.K. and Robin Leason Rick and Candace Emsiek Randy and K.C. Boelsems Ben and Denise Carter Susan French and Tom Rowe Jeanne Beesley and Andrew Tao Leonard and Brenda Pieroni Robert and Helen Zieman Larry and Terry Grill Steve and Linda Glanville San Diego Yacht Club Wilson and Eleanor Edwards George and Lurline Twist Richard F. Emsiek Architect Inc. Charlie and Ellen Steinmetz John and Adrienne Garrison Langan Engineering Environmental Mutual of America Terry Brown Susan Rose and Allan Ghitterman Baxter International Roberts Home Audio Video Inc. Geraldine Knatz and John Mulvey T.C. Collins Associates Inc. Bank of the West Link Murrel Company Larry and Susan Twomey Gary and Sandi Hill BBJ Linen Emily Vogler and Daniel Flynn Mary Lou Jefferson Mark and Tracy Widder Clarke Fairbrother Douglas and Debra Rastello Jonathan Weiner and Diane Silvers Ritch and Kathleen Haynes John Ganahl Ron and Cheryl Roberts Michael Wilkins Brian Coryat Nancy Dubois Graham Tingler Hudson and Michele Saffell Richard Vaught Gary and Mary Gordon Sherry Bullock Eric Weld Patricia Linden Andrew Burg Marian Cormie Newport Harbor Yacht Club Mike and Antonia Massie Patty Hathaway Judy Banning Western Exterminator Company Michael and Linda Rivkin Fund at The San Diego Foundation Chris Spenker Howard and Jeanne Tuttle Paxson H. and Susan Offield Wayne and Susan Nelson Steve and Ronna Schreiner Gillian Groves and Gerald Petersen Dick and Alison Johnston Listing includes annual support as of December 31 2014 exclusive of auction items donated to or purchased at the Conservancy Ball and Catalina The Wild Side art purchases. Gifts listed in order of amount. Photo Matt McClain CATALINAISLAND CONSERVANCYBoard Officers John P. Cotton Chair of the Board Stephen Chazen Ph.D. Vice Chair of the Board Victoria Seaver Dean Past Chair of the Board Secretary Ann M. Muscat Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Board of Directors Norris Bishton Robert Breech Gordon T. Frost Jr. Blanny Avalon Hagenah Henry Hilty Marie Knowles Kellie Johnson Roger Lang George Pla Geoffrey Claflin Rusack Members Paxson H. Offield Chair Allison Wrigley Rusack Maria Pellegrini Ph.D. Anthony F. Michaels Ph.D. Executive Staff Ann M. Muscat Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Kalla Chief Operating Officer Larry Lloyd Chief Finance and Business Development Officer John Mack Chief Conservation and Education Officer Bob Reid Chief Development and Communications Officer Lisa Moss Director of Human Resources Mission The mission of the Catalina Island Conservancy is to be a responsible steward of its lands through a balance of conservation education and recreation. All photos courtesy Jack Baldelli except where noted. 11 AVALON PO Box 2739 Avalon CA 90704 Phone 310.510.2595 LONG BEACH 330 Golden Shore Suite 170 Long Beach CA 90802 Phone 562.437.8555