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FINANCIALS Contributions Cash and goods donated to the Conservancy during the year from a broad spectrum of supporters including individuals foundations governmental agencies businesses annual memberships and events such as the net proceeds from the annual Conservancy Ball. Earned Income Revenue generated via the operation of mission-driven activities managed by the Conservancy including admissions to the Wrigley Memorial Botanic Garden educational tours access to the Islands interior via roads and trails campgrounds the Airport in the Sky various land mooring and communications leases etc. Includes use of reserves resulting from earned income activities in prior years. Endowment Distribution Funds distributed from the Conservancys endowment as approved by the Members and Board of Directors each year. Total Sources Excludes net Investment income. 100 of charitable contributions to the Conservancy goes to programmatic uses. Programmatic Spending that directly supports the Conservancys mission activities of conservation education and recreation. Includes the costs to manage the Islands ecological health through wildlife management and native and invasive plant programs ecological literacy via school-based and educational outreach programs and experiences with the wild via guest services such as Jeep Eco Tours Botanic Garden Nature Centers hiking camping and management of the Conservancys volunteer program. Supporting Infrastructure Incurred to support mission activities and maintain Conservancy assets including those which provide access to the approximately 42000 acres managed by the Conservancy roads trails airport rangers buildings facilities equipment and vehicle fleet. Administrative Incurred to manage Conservancy operations. Development Supports fundraising activities including the Conservancys membership program events grant writing and individual giving. 2014 spending was augmented by restricted-use multi-year donations and grants received in prior years but not reflected in current year funding sources. Sources of Funding 10.9 million Areas of Spending 11.4 million 28 13 59 9 50 32 9 Development Administration Infrastructure Programs Endowment Distribution Contributions Earned Income 3