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DONORS The Catalina Island Conservancy would like to thank the following donors for their generous support in 2014 250000 and Above The Estate of Carrol Grace Steve and Pat Chazen 100000 - 249999 Blanny Avalon Hagenah W.M. Keck Foundation Offield Family Foundation 50000 - 99999 Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Victoria and Dorn Dean James H. Ackerman Family and the Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation Debi and Norris Bishton Gary and Kellie Johnson Maria Pellegrini 25000 - 49999 California Department of Fish and Wildlife Geoffrey Claflin and Alison Wrigley Rusack John and Cindy Cotton Helen Rich Donald Slavik Family Foundation Anonymous Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation 10000 - 24999 The Boone Foundation Edison International Bob and Mai Breech Phil and Susan Hagenah Jim and Vicki Warmington C.M. and Edna Peyton Cotton Foundation John Hagenah Family Fund Cordoba Corporation Earl B. Gilmore Foundation Misdee Wrigley and James M. Miller Charitable Foundation G.T. and Shannon Frost Richard and Marie Knowles City National Bank Gardner Grout Foundation Erickson Family Charitable Foundation 5000 - 9999 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Mike and Gloria Sullivan Patrick and Mari McAlister US Bank Ryan Family Charitable Foundation Bonnell Cove Foundation Hexberg Family Foundation The Elliott Family Foundation Fund Jim and Sally McClure Andy and Gaye Saxon Jiji Foundation Glenn Highland Avalon Environmental Services Las Caballeras Jim and Anne Johnson Nelson and Mimi Jones William and Kathleen Mudd Connolly-Pacific Co. Shaun and Katy Tucker Bob Reid Frank and Joann Randall The Capital Group Companies Mitchell Silberberg Knupp LLP John W. Carson Foundation Todd and Tatiana James 2500 - 4999 Catalina Island Yacht Club Foundation Diane Wilkinson Tom and Gerda Sparks Tim and Sheila Collins Douglas West and Irene Ziebarth Steve and Stephanie Hathaway Santa Catalina Island Company Bruce and Lisa Gelker Ann Muscat and Jack Baldelli Board of Supervisors - County of Los Angeles Tricia and Will Hagenah Bob and Mary Longpre Alex and Janet Boggs Basil and Judith Witt Terry and Paulette Chapman Trent and Linda Anderson Wil Von Der Ahe Doug and Audrey Bombard David and Mary Jean Harper Julia Banning Janice Rutherford Hinds David and Pat Lamb Jack and Shirley Herron Anonymous Scott and Tammie Stuart James and Diane Connelly Tod and Linda White Bob Voit Howard Higholt Jessica Hibbs Lynne Brickner and Jerry Gallard Paulie Jenkins and Ted Carlsson John and Barbara Anglin MVE Partners Inc. Olin and Ann Barrett Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund Tourism Cares Inc. Terry Causey Philip and Maureen Ramer Catalina Island Yacht Club Richard Woodward Donald Schoellerman Richard Sahroian