Did you know that there is a naturalist course just for kids? 

Catalina Jr. Naturalist is a FREE, self-paced course designed just for 8–15-year-olds. Moving at their own pace, participants will:

  • Learn how Catalina Island was formed
  • Watch videos of local wildlife
  • Learn Catalina history
  • Discover how to respectfully explore nature on Catalina or close to home

And so much more!  Learners can even take a knowledge check at the end of the course to earn a personalized certificate.

To self-register for the course please click
For detailed registration directions, click here.

If you have questions, please email us at jrnaturalist@catalinaconservancy.org


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can other ages participate?

YES! The course is open to anyone under 18 interested in learning about Catalina Island and how to be a good steward of nature. However, the course content is most appropriate for learners 15 years and younger.

Learners 16 years of age and older who are interested in more advanced content or are looking for a training to prepare them for working in the field of environmental education, may want to instead sign up for our Naturalist 1 Training also offered online. Please click this link to learn more.

Does my child have to do EVERYTHING in the course?

Not at all! We encourage your child to read the content pages, watch the videos, and take the learning checks. This will prepare them to take the final quiz and earn a completion certificate. The activities are optional. We’ve made sure to include a wide range for your child to select from to make the course a perfect fit for their interests. 

What happens when my child completes the course?

When you take the final quiz, you automatically unlock your completion certificate. Congratulations!

What if we have technical difficulties?

For technical difficulties INSIDE the course, you can email the instructor using the CANVAS communication tool. If you have trouble accessing the course, please email jrnaturalist@catalinaconservancy.org and allow 48 hours for a thoughtful reply.



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