Registration is now open for the Conservancy’s free Naturalist 1 Training Online Course!
You can become a Catalina Island Insider with the Conservancy's Naturalist Training.

The Naturalist Training Program is built upon the vision of Catalina as a premier ecotourism destination where the needs of the human community blend with the needs of the ecological community. The program is part of a major Education Department initiative by the Catalina Island Conservancy to enrich the visitor and resident experience by ensuring that stewards have access to accurate and compelling information that highlights the ecology of the Island and the work of the Conservancy.

The Naturalist Training 3-Part Series Includes:

The Conservancy’s classic Naturalist Training now exists online as a two-part video course and a follow up discussion with a Conservancy naturalist.


  1. Register for the course by selecting a date and time from below to attend a Zoom webinar. Be sure to select a date that will allow you time to view the videos beforehand.
  2. After registration through Zoom, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing links to: The two Naturalist 1 Videos, Video Follow-along Guide, and Catalina Endemic Species Guide. Download the Naturalist Guide below!
  3. Watch the two videos
     • Video 1 is 34 minutes and covers an Introduction to Island Ecology, Catalina Geology, Island Species, Catalina’s First People, and Exploration and Early ownership of the Island. This video sets the stage for Video 2.
    • Video 2 is 22 minutes and covers the restoration, recovery and management of Catalina since the formation of the Catalina Conservancy in 1972.
  4. Complete the follow along guide while watching the videos. Make notes of questions you want to ask during the webinar.
  5. Attend the Zoom webinar. The webinars are approximately one hour and are comprised of other course participants. Education staff will lead you through the Concept Check of the Follow-along Guide, provide updates on the Island and Conservancy programs and land management, and answer any questions you have.
  6. Receive your Naturalist 1 Certificate and Follow-along Guide Concept Check after attending your scheduled Zoom webinar.
  7. Complete the Evaluation that you will receive as a link after the course.
Upcoming Offerings:
Wednesday, December 9th @ 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, December 16th @ 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, January 13th @ 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, January 20th @ 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, February 10th @ 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, February 17th @ 5:30 p.m.

Naturalist 2 Training
Last Wednesday of the Month (unless otherwise noted)
8:00am - 3pm
Trailhead Visitor Center & Catalina Wildlands
$50 Registration 

An all-day excursion into the wildlands of Catalina that expands on the Level 1 training.  Participants can expect to learn up-to-date information and facts about the natural history of Catalina Island, including information about geology, plant communities biogeography and more while traveling to some of Catalina's unique and historic sites.

Participation in this course gives you the tools to look at the landscape of Catalina Island through the eyes of a Naturalist.  As a Certified Island Naturalist you are an ambassador of stewardship for this Island.


Charter an educational excursion for your group! The Naturalist 2: On Demand is a full day field excursion into the Interior of the Island that connects adult learners to specific topics in ecology and natural history through guided exploration.

In this learning excursion, program participants will loop across the Island in provided transportation to discover more about:
  • Our arid, Mediterranean climate
  • The plants communities of Catalina
  • Unique wildlife and plants found on the Island
  • Geology and water of the Island, and features from hills to watersheds
  • Catalina’s coastlines from one side of the Island to the other

Groups can tailor their experience to have a more focused day on one of the following topics:
  • Geology
  • Endemic Plants and Animals
  • Coastal Exploration
  • Human History and Culture
  • Active Adventure (includes hike options from .5-3 miles)


The program is a flat rate of $550 per group (max: 14 individuals)

The program departs from Avalon at 8:00 am and returns to Avalon by 3:30 pm

A no-host lunch stop is scheduled at the Airport-in-the-Sky- group leaders can coordinate with DC-3 Grill to order and pay for lunch in advance

Programs are offered pending schedule availability- Please contact the Interpretation and Outreach Specialist if you are interested!

Catalina California Naturalist Program

Naturalist 3 Training is a partnership with the University of California-Agriculture and Natural Resources-Cooperative Extension, to bring the California Naturalist Program to Catalina Island. This course breaks down and delves deeper into the topics covered in Naturalist  1& 2 Trainings, while grounding Catalina natural history inside an introductory-level ecology course. Conservancy Instructors coordinate the course, but step aside for Catalina guest experts to instruct and lead field excursions in their areas of expertise.

For more information on the UCANR California Naturalist Program, visit:

For more information, contact:
Hillary Holt
310-510-0954 x 226

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