The Catalina Island Conservancy has developed a three-part Strategic Plan to serve as a roadmap for daily activities that collectively will lead to short-term objectives and long-term desired outcomes. 

The Conservation Strategic Plan ensures that adaptable and sustainable conservation –  maintaining robust, resilient ecosystems and healthy species while allowing for change – is guided by a robust financial and operational model. The plan focuses on: resiliency of the Island and its plant and animal populations, partnerships with researchers and implementation of long-term studies, preservation of historic cultural resources and synergy of conservation efforts with education and recreation programming. 

The Education Strategic Plan focuses on dynamic educational experiences to engage and immerse learners in the science and culture of the Island and to continue to deepen the public’s relationship with the Conservancy and our work on Catalina.  Learning experiences are designed to stimulate curiosity, make connections and foster appreciation for the unique ecology and history of the Island. 

Responsible and informed nature-based recreation is a powerful vehicle for engaging people in the on-going stewardship of natural and cultural resources.  The Recreation Strategic Plan, currently in development, focuses on those who enjoy Catalina Island, and the organizations and individuals who can lend needed expertise in protecting nature’s wild places and ensuring that they remain accessible.  We will explore adding and improving recreational experiences and amenities such as additional campgrounds, cycling trails, water refill stations and shade structures. 

*Recreation Strategic Plan is in Development

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