The Catalina Caballeros is an equestrian membership support group of the Conservancy at the Adventurer Level ($125) and above. Caballeros are male and female riders who participate in occasional volunteer workdays on the Island, socials on the mainland, and Conservancy fund raising activities. Catalina Caballeros can include general equestrians as well as members from broader non-profit organizations including the Las Caballeras, Los Caballeros and the Catalina Cowboy Heritage Foundation.

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Los Caballeros was incorporated by a group of Los Angeles area horsemen in 1943.  Since September 1949 the group has called Little Harbor on Catalina Island its home for five days of riding, games, fishing, competitions at the rodeo, trail class events and gathering around the campfire for stories, songs and tall tales.  To the Los Caballeros riding on the Island is a unique priviledge.  Los Caballeros recommend that all who love to ride on Catalina Island, become a member of the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Click here for information about the Annual Los Caballeros Catalina Trek.


Las Caballeras is a non-profit organization of horsewomen that gather together every year for a vacation with their horses on Catalina Island.  Since 1995, Las Caballeras has been riding the pristine trails of Catalina Island, across beautiful stretches of Consevancy land.  Horseback rides and work parties typically average 50 women.  Included wtih the Catalina ride fee is a year's membership in the Catalina Island Conservancy in support of it's mission.

Click here for information about the Annual Las Caballeras Catalina Trek.
The 2020 Catalina Ride is May 4-9.

Los Caballeros Catalina Ride

Las Caballeras Catalina Ride 


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