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Rules & Common Sense - Short of paving Catalina, nothing is going to prevent fire from happening. But let’s not get drastic. We can do a few things to reduce the chances of fire.

Knowing when and where to use fire is a key. Campfires are allowed only in established fire rings in designated campgrounds, namely Hermit Gulch, Black Jack, Shark and Little Harbors, Two Harbors, and Parson’s Landing. Advise backpackers and hikers to avoid creating their own fire rings, and to make sure their fires are fully extinguished before they leave the campsites or go to sleep. It’s also wise to limit the use of fire on windy days, when flames could get out of hand quickly and spread.

Smoking in the Island’s interior is strictly prohibited. This includes smoking in vehicles while driving. However, smoking is allowed at the Airport in the Sky and at the buildings in Middle Ranch in designated areas at campsites. Please use caution while smoking, and make sure cigarettes or cigars are extinguished and disposed of in a designated bin.

Drivers should be aware of places where they pull off the road. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires in dry brush and grasses.

Use extreme caution while operating mechanical or electrical equipment. Make sure you’re working in an open space with adequate brush clearance and minimal or no wind.

Basically, use good judgment. Responsible behavior is our best approach. Naturalists like you can make a serious difference by reinforcing the need to use extreme caution with cigarettes, camp stoves, campfires, matches, etc. Please report any smoking or fire infractions to the Conservancy Ranger Department immediately.

Fact or Fiction? Are goats a solution to cutting Catalina fire hazards?

Issue #16 / All About Fire


Fire! Catalina’s Friend or Foe?
Preventing Wildfires on Catalina
Fact or Fiction: Can Goats Stem Fires?
Did You Know … Fires Increase Native Plants      

Catalina Island Conservancy file photo

Most fires, like this one near Echo Lake, are caused by human activities.  Responsible behavior is our best weapon against unnecessary fires.

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