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The Conservancy thanks all of its supporters who make it possible to continue to keep Catalina wild. Listed below, in the order of amount, are all who made donations to the Conservancy of greater than $1,000 from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

(Gifts to the IMAGINE CATALINA campaign, Conservancy Ball auction purchases and auction donations, and Catalina: The Wild Side art purchases are excluded).


Steve and Pat Chazen
Victoria and Dorn Dean
Blanny Avalon Hagenah
The Seaver Institute
Offield Family Foundation


$50,000 - $99,999

Geoffrey Claflin and Alison Wrigley Rusack
Estate of Carol L. Grace
James H. AckermanFamily and Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation


$25,000 - $49,999

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Maria Pellegrini
Tricia and Will Hagenah
Bob and Mai Breech
Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Gary and Kellie Johnson
A.G. Cox Charity Trust
Donald Slavik Family Foundation
US Bank

$10,000 - $24,999

The Boone Foundation
Helen Rich
Annenberg Foundation
Shaun and Katy Tucker
Randy and K.C. Boelsems
Earl B. Gilmore Foundation
C.M. and Edna Peyton Cotton Foundation
Edison International
Elliott Family Foundation Fund
John Hagenah Family Fund
D. Scott and Tammie Stuart
Frank and Joann Randall
City National Bank
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Tom and Cece Ricketts
Calen and Amber Offield
Lynn Brickner and Gerald Gallard
Erickson Family Charitable Foundation
Gardner Grout Foundation
Guided Discoveries
Charlie and Ellen Steinmetz
Doug and Judy Levi
Greg and Lori Bombard
Roger and Sarah Chrisman
R.J. and D.A. Munzer Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Steve High
Santa Catalina Island Company
Andy and Gaye Saxon
The Hexberg Family Foundation
The Capital Group Companies
Southern California Edison
Frank Tarquin and Kathy Gann
Geraldine Knatz and John Mulvey
Larry and Terry Grill
Bill and Carolyn Doherty
Patrick and Mari McAlister
Roger Lang
Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles
Los Caballeros
Philip and Maureen Ramer
Stephen and Ann Hinchliffe
Friends of the Island Fox, Inc.
Ken and Melissa Redding
Catalina Island Yacht Club Foundation
Avalon Environmental Services
Bluewater Grill
Catalina Classic Cruises
Conolly-Pacific Co.
Howard Higholt
James W. and Anne D. Johnson Family Foundation
Johnny Carson Foundation
Laura and Carlton Seaver
Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, LLP
Donald Schoellerman
Richard and Marie Knowles
The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999
Jim and Susie Birmingham
David and Kay Linden
Western Los Angeles Council Boy Scouts of America
John and Cindy Cotton
Drew and Jane Lanza
Thornton S. Glide, Jr. and Katrina D. Glide Foundation
Bruce and Lisa Gelker
Bruce and Katherine Choate
Ryan Family Charitable Foundation
Alex and Janet Boggs
Steve and Stephanie Hathaway
Tom and Gerda Sparks
Balboa Yacht Club
Nancy Katayama
Scott and Cynthia Barnard
Tim and Sheila Collins
Mark and Cindy Choate
Howard and Jeanne Tuttle
Dennis and Susi Gertmenian
Janice Rutherford Hinds
Doug and Audrey Bombard
Richard Woodward
Aon Risk Solutions
Charles and Patty Hathaway
Employees Community Fund of Boeing California
Dave and Pat Lamb
J. and Sarah Barnes
Todd and Tatiana James
Chris Spenker
Gary and Sonja Gray
Gary and Sandi Hill
Graham Tingler
Jack and Shirley Herron
Jim and Deena Warmington
Joe and Michele Hempel
John and Barbara Anglin
Robert Voit
Robert and Lisa Grimm
Ron and Cheryl Roberts
Diane Wilkinson
Jessica Hibbs
Patricia Linden
Mutual of America
Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund
T.C. Collins and Associates
The Louis and Gladyce Foster Family Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499

Julia Banning
Michael Roffina
Bank of the West
Michael Kilbride
James and Mary Buckingham
Robert's Home Audio & Video, Inc.
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
Lee Harrison
Gillian Groves and Gerald Petersen
Marcus and Cynthia Crahan
Cheryl and Michael Mooradian
Steve and Linda Glanville
Phillip and Daisy Hartz
Greg Schem
Elliott and Elisa Olson
Julia and Robert Woolley
Douglas West and Irene Ziebarth
Ann Muscat and Jack Baldelli
Paris Rebl and Lisa Cole
Janet Kirby
Jeff Bertuleit
Andy Bonin
Hans and Dianne Bozler
MATT Construction
James and Carol Schmidt
Jeffrey Stanberry and Patricia Zagnoni
Scott Brown
Mike and Elizabeth Rabbitt
MVE + Partners, Inc.
Mike and Lynn Joseph
Jay and Mary Linda Strotkamp
Bob and Beth Huston
The McKewon Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Nelson and Mimi Jones
Marianne Horn
Michael Baker International
Moffatt & Nichol
Morrie and Carol Kirk
Janice Paulson
Blair Contratto
Deborah Richie-Bray
J.K. and Robin Leason
Fine Line Construction
Thomas Strotkamp
Margie Meehan and Bob Kreidel
Doug and Jeanie Shelton
Steve and Lauren Tabor
Caleb Lins
Nicolas and Judy Martin
Terry Causey
Jim and Sally McClure
Emily Vogler and Daniel Flynn
Rhon Williams
Thomas and Renette Crone
Robert Slobe
James and Melinda Herndon
Lee and Theresa Hennis
Linda Massey
Pamela Nelson
Luz Seastrom
Tim Foley and Julie Redon
Bryan Cave LLP
Catalina Broadband Solutions
Ecolab Foundation
Margaret A. Frank Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Barney and Lisa Page
Maury and Marcia Gallagher
Ben and Denise Carter
Brett Barnard
David Lindquist and Karen Bohan
David and Kathleen Renton
Frederic and Lucille Ripley
Gary and Mary Gordon
Greg and Stacey Renker
Hudson and Michele Saffell
Joe and Janey Lauro
Ken and Christine Zampese
Lawrence Dubois
Mike and Antonia Massie
Paul and Polly Stemler
Dick and Geri Peckham
Richard and Becca Waycott
Robert and Helen Zieman
Steve and Amanda Calhoun
Tobin Campbell
William and Kathleen Mudd
Laurie and John Romanak
Marian Cormie
Nancy Dubois
Anne Laguzza
Beverly Segner
Meighan Offield
Western Exterminator Company


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