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The Conservancy feels fortunate to have a loyal and generous family of members and donors. Our members are the lifeblood of the meaningful conservation work we do. To show our appreciation, we are proud to recognize our donors in the following manner:

Lifetime Giving of $100,000 and above
Such extraordinary lifetime gifts are recognized in the Conservancy's Donor Window located at The Nature Center in Avalon in perpetuity.

Annual Gifts of $2,500 and above
Recognized for one year on the Conservancy's Donor Window located at The Nature Center in Avalon, the Conservancy Times newsletter, and Annual Report.
Annual Gifts of $1,000 and above
Recognized for one year on the Conservancy's Donor Window located at The Nature Center in Avalon, the Conservancy Times newsletter, and Annual Report.

Annual Gifts of $250 and above
Recognized as part of the donor listing in the Conservancy's online Honor Roll.

We are grateful to all of our donors and are pleased to recognize their generosity as part of the Conservancy's Honor Roll.


Our members are the lifeblood of the meaningful work we do in conservation, education and recreation on Catalina Island. We are pleased to acknowledge the following individuals or families who have joined the Catalina Island Conservancy at the Conservationist ($250) level or above, between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.

*Members are listed by level and alphabetically by primary member's last name.

Leadership Circle

 John and Barbara Anglin

Steve and Barbara Barnard

Ann and Olin Barrett

Ruth Caryl Blair

Alex and Janet Boggs

Doug and Audrey Bombard

Lynne Brickner and Gerald Gallard

Brigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong, LLP

Terry and Paulette Chapman

Tim and Sheila Collins

James and Diane Connelly

Martin and Bernardine Curtin

Dave and Sandy Erickson

Jared Ficker

Jeanne Frost

Bruce and Lisa Gelker

Gary and Sonja Gray

John Hagenah Family Fund

Phil and Susan Hagenah

Steve and Stephanie Hathaway

Jack and Shirley Herron

Gregory and Debbie Hexberg

Jessica Hibbs

Howard Higholt

Stephen and Ann Hinchliffe

Janice Rutherford Hinds

Todd and Tatiana James

Paulie Jenkins and Ted Carlsson

John W. Carson Foundation

Gary and Kellie Johnson

Jim and Anne Johnson

Geraldine Knatz and John Mulvey

David and Pat Lamb

Doug and Judy Levi

Misdee Wrigley and James M. Miller Charitable Foundation

William and Kathleen Mudd

Philip and Maureen Ramer

Frank and Joann Randall

Scott and Sue Redsun

Helen Rich

Ruben Rojas


Jerome and Anne Ryan

Richard Sahroian

Andy and Gaye Saxon

Donald Schoellerman

Laura and Carlton Seaver

Tom and Gerda Sparks

Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund

Charlie and Ellen Steinmetz

Scott and Tammie Stuart

Mike and Gloria Sullivan

Graham Tingler

Shaun and Katy Tucker

Pamela Turbeville

Bob Voit

Wil Von Der Ahe

Jim and Vicki Warmington

Douglas West and Irene Ziebarth

Tod and Linda White

Diane Wilkinson

Basil and Judith Witt

Tammy Wong

Richard Woodward



Judy Banning

James and Mary Buckingham

Tobin Campbell

Ben and Denise Carter

Marian Cormie

Ali DeGray

John and Cindi Ganahl

Gillian Groves and Gerald Petersen

Patty Hathaway

Mary Lou Jefferson

David and Kay Linden

Patricia Linden

Mike and Antonia Massie

Geri and Richard Peckham

David and Kathleen Renton

Mike and Linda Rivkin Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Ron and Cheryl Roberts

Laurie and John Romanak

Steve and Ronna Schreiner

Steve and Becky Smith

Chris Spenker

Howard and Jeanne Tuttle

Suzanne Vasu

Michael Wilkins



Ed and Sandy Abrahamian

Julia Banning

Gordon Barienbrock

Charles and Karlyn Boppell

Michael and Manal Bozarth

Steve and Amanda Calhoun

Peter and Joan Costa

George John Cuccia

Wilson and Eleanor Edwards

Kenneth Fox

James Frank

Diane Hansen

Gary Hayes and Patricia Roskowski

Ritch and Kathleen Haynes

Bill and Patricia Haynsworth

Elizabeth Holden

Michael and Sally Horner

Thomas and Karen Linden

Gerald and Denise Motter

Wayne and Susan Nelson

J.O. and Annette Oltmans

Debra Quick-Jones

Frederic and Lucille Ripley

Peter Savage

Merl and Luz Seastrom

Andrew and Elisabeth Tobias

Rusty and Mary Lynn Turner

Ken and Christine Zampese



Tom and Priscilla Ahern

Jean-Francois and Babs Albert

Erin Atwater

Fin Beven

Thomas Byrd

John and Nancy Celick

Stephen Cole

Don and Judy Cole

Marcus and Cynthia Crahan

Richard and Ellen Devericks

Allie Dewey

John and Julie Dixon

Bob Eberwine

Eric Edward

Donald and Cheree Edwards

Bob and Barbara Ellis

Charlie Flowers

CeCe and Mack Fowler

Toby and Martie Fuller

Whitney and Sue Ganz

Al and Jolinda Garnier

Robert Glennon

Randall Greer

Paul and Lynne Gross

Susie and Vicken Haleblian

Terence Hall

Robert Hammond

John Hancock Foundation

Greg Hargrave

Tim and Pat Harrison

Homer and Gloria Harvey

Dan Heemstra

Stephen Henry and Rudy Oclaray

Skip and Deborah Hudson

Bobby Hyer

Andrew and Diane Jessup

Ed and Audrey Jessup

Elizabeth and Bradford Kelly

Jason and Erin Kennedy

Betty and Ralph Ketchum

Peter LaDow

Greg and Tish Laemmle

Dick and Linda Landes

Richard and Linda Leaming

Clark and Lockie Leonard

David Lindquist and Karen Bohan

Ward and Whitney Mace

Steven Mather

Mark and Barbara Matthews

Bill and Anne McCants

Patricia McCormick

Michael and Shelley McGuire

Bob McMurray

Donald and Jeanne McPherson

Paul and Julie McPherson

Russ and Nancy Medevic

John and Virginia Merriam

Patrick and Felicia Michell

Tom and Denise Milligan

Bob and Dawn Millington

Peter Murray

Tony Muscat and Ann Fraley

Tom and Pam Nix

Gregory Njoes

William and Margo O'Connor

Dennis and Marcia O'Hern

Thomas and Amealia Oxley

John Parks

Marshall Pine

Matthew Ramirez

Paul and Sally Reed

Doug Reeder

John and Robin Renfro

Doug and Patty Simpson

Larry Somers and Lisa Laing

Cindy Sparks

Carl and Patricia Spencer

Rick and Cammy Staunton

Kevin and Angela Strege

Carel Struycken and Tracey Norton

Bruce and Kathy Stuart

Steve and Lauren Tabor

Wendy Teeter

Christine Thomson and Timothy Kendall

Thomas Vyse and Dolores Kneece

Robert Wald and Suzanne Cranfill

Bill and Judy Webster

William Wilk

Mike Willhelm and Luis Vazquez

Noel Williams and Susan Wrathall

David and Sydell Winer

Prasad Yenigalla and Betsy Malloy

Andy and Rita Zimbaldi

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