Black Jack Campground
to Little
Harbor Campground

Take the Wildlands Express to the Black Jack turnoff along the Airport Road. You will have to call first during business hours to make a special reservation: (310) 510-0143.

The gate to Black Jack will be on your left. Don't confuse that with the gate on the other side of the road that takes you down to White's Landing. It is an easy 1.25-mile walk along the Black Jack service road to the TCT. When you get to the Trail, veer off to the right.

This is a much easier trek than Node 1, with a nice break in the middle. From Black Jack Campground, you will cross the expansive Cottonwood Canyon.

As you approach the Airport, you will pass a 2,000-year-old soapstone quarry with bowls excavated by Catalina’s first residents still visible. When you reach the Airport in the Sky, this is a good opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy refreshments from the DC-3 Gifts and Grill.

Little Harbor Campground

DC-3 Gifts & Grill Patio

Continue along the Airport Loop section of the TCT until you get to the Empire Landing Road, then turn left. In about a mile, you’ll turn onto the Sheep Chute Road portion of the TCT. To your left across Buffalo Springs Canyon, you will see El Rancho Escondido, the legendary Arabian Horse Ranch owned by the Wrigley Family.

There are still a few horses there, but you will notice that much of the land has been converted into vineyards.

Node 1: Avalon to Black Jack
Node 2: Black Jack to Little Harbor
Node 3: Little Harbors to Two Harbors
Node 4: Two Harbors to Parsons Landing
Node 5: Parsons Landing to Starlight Beach

Trans-Catalina Trail Leg Distance in Miles Estimated Hiking Time Elevation Change Degree of Difficulty
Black Jack Campground to Airport 1.97 1 - 2 hrs. 168 ft. Class II
Airport to Little Harbor 5.18 1.5 - 2.5 hrs. 1586 ft. Class II

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