Getting to Parson’s Landing
You can hike to Parson's from Two Harbors. Or, if starting elsewhere, take a boat to Two Harbors and a shore boat from Two Harbors to Emerald Bay.

Catalina Express services Two Harbors once each day. (800) 481-3470

Shore boats are available from Two Harbors to Emerald Bay all year long. However charter reservations are required. To schedule a shore boat, call Two Harbors Harbor Department at (310) 510-4253.

Starlight Beach

Afishinados Charters services Parsons Landing from Two Harbors. Call (323) 447-4669 or visit their website.

Now that you made it this far you might as well go the distance to Starlight Beach for bragging rights if nothing else. The additional ten miles you will spend hiking to Starlight Beach, then back again to Parsons Landing is definitely worth it for the vistas, but also to be able to say you hiked the entire Trans-Catalina Trail! Please note that being delivered by boat to start the Trail at Starlight Beach can be treacherous and is not recommended. It is an exposed, rocky landing with no overnight camping.

Node 1: Avalon to Black Jack
Node 2: Black Jack to Little Harbor
Node 3: Little Harbors to Two Harbors
Node 4: Two Harbors to Parsons Landing
Node 5: Parsons Landing to Starlight Beach

Trans-Catalina Trail Leg Distance in Miles Estimated Hiking Time Elevation Change Degree of Difficulty
Parsons Landing to Starlight Beach td 4.62 2 - 4 hours 666 ft. Class II

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