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The following special radio programs about Catalina were recorded by friends of the Conservancy, Allan Herbert and Doug West, in 2008. The broadcasts were produced for the Conservancy's Isla Earth Radio Series. When you click on the title you will be taken to the Isla Earth Radio Series website where you can play the audio file on your computer, read the entire script, and click on Discovery Links for more information about the subject.

Staying In Touch with Foxes - Allan Herbert Staying in touch has never been easier. Even old-fashioned letter-writing can be delivered by Federal Express the next day. But what happens if the object of your attention is a shy, reddish brown fox - a creature that prefers to stay out of touch...
Catalina Invaders - Allan Herbert There are invaders here on Catalina that won't be happy until the whole Island belongs to them! I'm talking about non-native invasive plants. Non-natives are plants that don't really belong where they've ended up growing...
Catalina Rises from the Ashes - Allan Herbert Following the fire that blazed across Catalina Island in May, 2007, plants that seemed to have been destroyed by flames are rising from the ashes. Many trees and shrubs that were completely scorched have re-sprouted from their bases...

Catalina's Aquatic Insects Live Fast, Die Young - Allan Herbert Your typical Catalina aquatic insect lives fast and dies young. Many only live a few hours as an adult - barely enough time to find a mate and produce the next generation! Two aquatic insects common to Catalina are mosquitoes and midges...
To Fill A Hummingbird - Doug West Not gas-guzzling SUVs. We're talking about hummingbirds. The Island is home to two resident species of hummingbirds, Anna's and Allen's. Who doesn't love to watch these "living jewels" hover over a flower to drink up its sweet nectar? Interestingly...
Catalina's Ancient Wonders - Doug West There aren't many movies around that have been more fun than Jurassic Park. It was like a time machine transporting viewers back in time. And as it turns out, some islands really are places where ancient life comes alive! That's because...

California's Mediterranean - Doug West When I think of the Mediterranean, I imagine warm, dry days, crystal blue waters, and old-world villas nestled along cliffsides. If you thought Greece, we've been perusing the same travel brochures! What you may not know is...

Catalina Island Fox Not Out of the Woods - Doug West In the 1998 film Blade, character Deacon Frost said, "You may wake up one day and find yourself extinct." This almost happened to the Catalina Island fox whose population plummeted in 1999 from thirteen hundred to fewer than a hundred. The crash came when...


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