With the help of experienced birders and enthusiastic volunteers, the Catalina Island Conservancy has been monitoring the resident and visiting land birds on Catalina since spring 1999. Information collected during spring and fall surveys each year improves our understanding of the abundance, distribution, and habitat requirements of various bird species, especially those known only to exist on Catalina and the other Channel Islands.
Volunteers survey Catalina birds

Data collected over the past nine years suggest that on the Island, some land birds may be more generalized in their habitat requirements, while others appear to be more specialized than on the mainland. The Orange-crowned Warbler, for instance, is found most often in scrub oak woodland habitat. More specific information on the breeding biology and foraging behavior of this warbler in scrub oak habitat on Catalina is currently being investigated by a team of researchers from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, the Colorado State University and the University of California, Riverside.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Researchers have been working for several years on several long-term studies to better understand the life history and ecology of the Orange-crowned Warbler, a Channel Island endemic.

Catalina Resident Bird List

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