In some form or fashion, all living species depend on water for survival. Likewise, the landforms on the island are in part shaped by water. Too much water can lead to erosion, landslides, and ideal conditions for plant diseases and infections. Too little water can lead to desiccation and death whether it be from lack of fruit and seeds for food to actual dehydration. The human community on Santa Catalina Island is highly dependent on rainfall amounts as we do not import water from elsewhere like the rest of Southern California.

Cyclical patterns of varying rainfall amounts are a naturally occurring phenomena. By recording rainfall amounts on a daily basis and by keeping long term records, we can start to see the impacts of normal, drought, and flood years. This information is crucial for long term planning and for assessing the normal variation of the health and vigor of native resources on the island.

To view historical and current rain data, visit the Desert Research Institute


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