Catalina Island Ecology: Animal Species

Photo: Carlos de la Rosa
Common Name: Catalina California Quail
Scientific Name: Callipepla californica catalinensis
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Family: Odontophoridae
Genus: Callipepla
Species: californica catalinensis

Habitat:Found in open woodlands, areas with low shrubs and valley bottoms. Also found in suburbs and on agricultural land.
Food:Primarily seeds, also eats fruits, berries, and insects
Range:Subspecies is restricted to Santa Catalina Island. Species is found in the Pacific coast region of the United States. Species has also been introduced in Chile, New Zealand, and British Columbia, subspecies to northern Channel Islands of southern CA.
Rare or Endemic:Yes
State Status:Species of Special Concern

A very social bird that forms coveys. These flocks vary in size, but typically consist of 25 to 40 birds. Coveys in excess of 1000 birds have been reported.